Bowen Technique Childrens Clinic

After 4 years of treating babies and young children from Violet Hill Studios, St. Johns Wood, the time has come to set up a childrens clinic. I attended the Childrens Complementary Therapy Network (CCTN) conference with friend and mentor, Alaister Rattray last Saturday and coincidentally bumped into Jo Wortley who is in charge of setting up the childrens clinics with BTPA.

The clinic will be tailored to babies, toddlers and children and will run for about 4 hours. Although I still plan to see clients who can’t make the timing of the childrens clinic, I feel it is important to give something back. So, the fees will range from £15 for babies to £25 for older children. This will cover the cost of renting the studios.

Bowen is very effective at treating a whole range of diorders from colic and reflux in babies to asthma and muscular aches and pains in children.

I hope to have the clinic up and running by the end of June! Exciting!

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