Can Bowen Therapy Treat Cancer?

I have just returned from a home visit to a client suffering from stage IV lung cancer. Kate was diagnosed with lung cancer 1 year ago. She was offered chemotherapy, which she declined. She was given 5 months to live.

On her first visit to my clinic, 3 months after she was told she had cancer, Kate was in a lot of pain. She had a sharp pain in her Right lower rib cage that radiated to her back. She coughed often due to excess mucous production and this exarcerbated the pain in her ribs. I explained the Bowen Technique to Kate and mentioned that it may help with sinus drainage and the tightness in her chest.

3 days after our first session, Kate rang me to say that she felt like a whole new person. She coughed less and the sharp pain in her ribs was now more of a dull ache. We arranged for more sessions with a week break in between.

After 2 months, Kate was almost pain free. She still coughed but no longer had any muscle spasms from it. Two weeks later, Kate had an appointment with the oncologist. The tumours were still there,but they hadn’t grown.

Can Bowen treat cancer? In my opinion, Bowen can definitely help cancer patients. It may not have a direct effect on the cancerous cells but perhaps it can aid the body in fighting these cells. By boosting the bodies immune system the healthy cells are able to attack the cancer cells and prevent further growth and spread.

Many cancer patients have reported that a change in diet coupled with therapies such as Bowen can help the body fight cancer and eventually get rid of it altogether.

Whatever the case, the Bowen Technique can definitely help cancer patients by lessening pain and discomfort and improving their quality of life.

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