Help! Its Hayfever Season

The sun is finally shining and the sky is a clear, bright blue. If you live in London, chances are you’re dying to get out there and enjoy some lovely warm, sunny weather in one of the many great London parks. For some of us, and the numbers are rising dramatically, the warmth signifies the start of something altogether more unpleasant. Hayfever!

Itchy eyes, tongue and pallet, a running nose, headache and feeling feverish. These are some of the symptoms of hayfever that make these warm summer months a dreaded time. The most common form of treatment for hayfever is antihistamine drugs. Although these can be categorised into the non drowsy and drowsy kind, they have a similar action on the body-to block the release of histamine in response to allergens. As effective as it can be, most users slowly find themselves becoming resistant to medication.

So, how do we solve this problem? Hayfever along with many other forms of allergic reactions are our bodies response to a substance that is classed as ‘foreign’. How does this happen? Our body has a natural defense mechanism to external substance. This is the skin, mucous membranes and the immune system. The immune system is only triggered when these substances pass into the body.

City living is a major factor in allergies. Air pollution and stress not only attribute to a weak immune system but also to the ‘clogging up’ of our natural drainage system. The sinuses. Hayfever sufferers will almost always have blocked sinuses. When the sinuses are clogged up with  years of external substance found in polluted air, it becomes sluggish. After sometime, these substances start to seep into the bloodstream and the immune response is activated. This is when allergic responses to normal household or everyday environments are triggered.

A clear sinus system allows drainage of whatever is filtered in by the nose, mouth and ears which are then eliminated by the body. From my experience, hayfever sufferers have been able to completely cure their hayfever by clearing out the sinus passages. The Bowen Technique as well as craniosacral work are both effective means of working on the sinus passage.

Smile! The sun is here!

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