Treating A Premature Baby

Jamie was 2 months old when she was brought to my clinic at Violet Hill. She was born at 32 weeks and weighed 3.5 pounds. A week ago, I had spoken to her Mum about trying the Bowen Technique as Jamie was a very anxious baby and would only sleep on her Mum or when being held. She had a good appetite and had no problems keeping food down. However, about half an hour after a feed (breastfed) she would start squirming and get very uncomfortable. She would cry and become quite upset. There was nothing Mum could do and this could go on for hours. Sometimes she would even miss her next feed because she was so uncomfortable. Jamie didnt sleep for more than 20minutes at a time, night or day and poor Mum was exhausted.

On the day of her 1st treatment, Jamie had just woken up from a nap in the car and was in a relatively good mood. She was alert and making good eye contact. The first thing I noticed on observation was blotchy red marks on her eyelids and on her cheeks. I could also hear her breathing. It was raspy. There was definitely some mucous congestion. On speaking with Mum a little more, I learnt that the labour was quick and there was no time for steroid injections-normally given to help premature babies produce more surfactant for the lungs. Mum had brought her to a couple of doctors but nobody had mentioned her breathing. She was labelled as a colicky, needy baby.

I explained Baby Bowen to Mum and emphasised how gentle the whole procedure is. Mum held Jamie whilst I put in the bottom stoppers (lower moves). Roughly 2minutes after, she filled her nappy. Her nappy was full of mucous and very little poo. Mum and I were both amazed as although I had experience of that happening, it had never happened so quickly!

After a quick change of nappy, we completed the treatment. Jamie was looking tired and sleepy and was wrapped up. Mum placed Jamie in the buggy whilst she gathered her things together and Jamie fell asleep. Mum was delighted! “She has never ever fallen asleep in the buggy before, and it’s not even moving”, she said. Needless to say Mum was quite impressed with how something so gentle could have so much effect.  We planned another session for the following week.

3 days after treating Jamie, I received an email from her Mum. Jamie slept for 5 hours at a stretch on the first night and 7 hours both nights after. “She falls asleep with just gentle rocking and is so much more peaceful. She doesnt squirm anymore after feeds and even her breathing is almost normal. She is so much happier and so am I”.

By the 2nd session, Jamie was sleeping well both day and night. Her breathing was less shallow and much quieter. Mum was keen to learn the Baby Bowen moves and now treats Jamie herself.

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